Refer The Friends And Get Bonuses From Casino

– Refer The Friends And Get Bonuses From Casino. When you are playing in the online casino, you may be aware that there are lots of bonuses available in each and every casino. Casino owners announce these bonuses to keep the players in their casino itself. If the players moved to other casinos, they will lose the profit which they are getting through the players. There are different types of bonuses such as registering bonus, loyalty bonus and some website offer bonuses for first deposit etc. But bonus announced by this website situs poker is a new bonus and not many casinos did that before.


How To Refer The Friends

Normally, casino owners spend a lot in promoting their website. One kind of advertisement is to give ads in local papers where the betting is legal. Second option is to promote their website using digital marketing techniques like SEO, Face book marketing etc. But one easy way to promote without spending much is using the referral option. In this method, each registered player will get a unique referral link in their dashboard. They can send that link to their friends or post in social media websites such as face book, twitter etc. If the people who click the link and join the casino by paying the initial deposit then the person who referred him will get minimum bonus. It will differ with the number of people joining through referral and initial deposit they are making. For the referral it will be 15% of the initial deposit a player pays to the casino.

This website have all the casino games one like to play like poker, roulette , Domino, Ceme etc. Apart from the referral bonus, they also give 10% of the first deposit as the bonus to the players. Once you login, you will have access to dashboard which will display all the statistics and the amount you have in the playing account, when was the last transfer request made and when was the last deposit done etc available there for your immediate viewing purpose. Also apart from the bonuses, there is jackpot available for the players to win. For the 100 rupiahs to buy the jackpot they can win tens of millions of rupiah.  This is not the must buy but players won’t miss this as this is one of the easiest way to become multi milliner in short time. You can buy jackpot and if you are lucky enough you can win huge amount of money.

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